2016 AMSOIL Cup Rules


2016 AMSOIL Cup Challenge

Qualifications & Rules

The following rules are in effect for the 2016 AMSOIL CUP Challenge.  The procedures are strictly enforced for all teams and drivers. Please read carefully:

  • All PRO 2WD and PRO 4WD drivers can attempt to qualify for the event and a starting position. No driver’s are automatically entered in the event. The finishing order for Sunday’s Crandon World Cup PRO 2WD and PRO 4WD determine the set the starting grid. The special driver’s meeting on Crandon’s main street at approximately 11:00 a.m. Friday September 2nd.
  • A  driver may qualify only his/her race vehicle. If said vehicle is qualified for the race, driver who qualified the vehicle must race the vehicle. If an  extra vehicle is to be leased, or team vehicle to be raced by another team driver, please inform track officials.  An extra vehicle may be leased and driven in the race by an experienced driver with prior approval from the track.  If this racer did not qualify the vehicle, it is positioned last at the start. Entry and Registration fee must be paid for both vehicles.
  • Exceptions for medical reasons: A replacement driver may be named and substituted for a written and approved medical or emergency reason submitted directly to a Crandon Race Director no less than 60 minutes prior to the event. Crandon Race Directors are Jake Flannery and Fay Statezny.
  • Start for the race will be handicapped by the first qualifying PRO 2WD vehicle, with balance of vehicles on traditional Crandon Forest County Potawatomi Land Rush starting line. The winning Crandon World Cup PRO 2WD will be awarded selection of starting position on the handicap starting line. Balance of starting positions will be positioned by Crandon starter at the land rush starting line. You do not select your spot. You are positioned by the Crandon starter.
  • All entries MUST DISPLAY THE AMSOIL CUP LOGO on the upper or lower windscreen area, unobstructed by the hood.  Decal will be provided at the Friday downtown driver’s meeting. Extra decals available at the starter’s hut.  Required for the AMSOIL CUP on Sunday. No race trucks permitted for either event without sponsor decal affixed — no decal, no staging, no race!
  • All drivers participating in the 2016 AMSOIL Cup Challenge MUST PARTICIPATE IN A MANDATORY AUTOGRAPH SESSION to be held on Sunday, September 4th in the main expo area. Exact time and location to be announced.
  • There will be no competition yellow for this race.    
  • Please note that you must register in advance for this event. Racers may register on-site no later than Friday, 9/2 by 12:00 noon. REGISTER NOW! (We no longer accept Saturday or Race Day registrations.)

2016 7th AMSOIL Cup Challenge Payback

1st $47,000

2nd $5,000

3rd $3,000

4th $1,500

5th $1,000