What is the Crandon World Cup?

The new Crandon World Cup event is making its debut at the 47th Crandon Off-Road World Championships on September 4th, 2016. For the first time in our long history, Crandon is promoting its own, non-denominational day of professional short-course racing along with the richest event in the sport – the 7th annual AMSOIL Cup shootout. The event is also part of the prestigious Red Bull Signature Series.

Who can participate in the Crandon World Cup?

The Crandon World Cup is open to all racers that compete, or have competed, in The Off-Road Championship (TORC) or Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. This includes all professional-level classes including PRO 4X4, PRO 2WD, PRO Light, PRO Buggy, PRO UTV (Stock and Mod) and PRO Modified Karts. All drivers must have a current license with the United Stated Auto Club (USAC). 

What is the idea behind the Crandon World Cup?

We are celebrating 47 years of hosting the Crandon Off-Road World Championship/Brush Run races. In that time we have worked with many sanctioning great bodies and series to bring racers to our facility and compete for our world-class fans. We felt that the time was right to create an independent day of racing that was open to all short-course racers – a “Superbowl” of the sport like the Indianapolis 500 or Daytona 500. In association with the Red Bull Signature Series, and with the cooperation of many partners including TORC, we were able to bring that together in 2016 as part of our traditional Labor Day Crandon Off-Road World Championships®.

Is this event being run under the TORC or Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series banner?

Neither. While the 47th Crandon Off-Road World Championships® features a full slate of TORC Pro and Sportsman racing, Crandon International Raceway is promoting the new Crandon World Cup events on Thursday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend, including the 7th AMSOIL Cup finale. All registration and purse payout is done via Crandon International Raceway. The event is also being run in conjunction with USAC.

How much is the entry fee for the Crandon World Cup?

There is no charge. In order to help off-set the cost of travel and racing for so many teams, for 2016 Crandon International has decided to forgo any type of entry or practice fees for participating in the World Cup. There is a $300.00 entry fee for racers wanting to sign-up for the $59,500 AMSOIL Cup Challenge. PRO category drivers wishing to race in the TORC race on Saturday must register via TORC directly, and all racers must have a current USAC license for insurance purposes.

What is the purse?

The cash and prize purse is the largest single-day payout in short-course off-road racing history. When combined with the AMSOIL Cup, the richest race in the sport, Crandon International has posted a total of $129,700 in cash and $46,500 in prizes – all totaling a record payday of $176,200!

To see the entire payout click here:   

All class winners participating in the Crandon World Cup will also be crown “Crandon Off-Road World Champions,” which has traditionally been awarded to the PRO-category winners on Saturday. Each racer in the Top 3 in each class will earn a specially hand-crafted gold, silver or bronze medal.

How does the Crandon World Cup fit into the traditional Off-Road World Championship® weekend in terms of structure?

The Crandon World Cup represents both a larger and expanded Labor Day weekend schedule that now begins with a PRO open practice sessions on Thursday, September 1st. Our traditional Crandon Labor Day Parade remains downtown on Friday morning, September 2th, before the Forest County Potawatomi “Night of Thunder” Sportsman races that are sanctioned by TORC. Saturday, September 3rd will feature a packed schedule of TORC PRO and Sportsman competition, with all 2016 championships being award in all TORC classes. Crandon will also crown its traditional World Championships® on this day as well.

The Crandon “World Cup” Sunday, held on September 4th, will be comprised of seven PRO classes competing for Crandon World Championship® titles and a special “Parade of Champions” celebrating our Sportsman racers. The weekend will be capped off with the 7th annual AMSOIL Cup Challenge, the richest race in the sport.      

Can non-TORC racers compete on Saturday as well? 

Yes, as long as their vehicles fit within the TORC rules package with certain minor adjustments to be announced by Crandon International. Friday and Saturday’s racing is still promoted and sanctioned by TORC and USAC. Registration for these days of competition is done via TORC. In fact, racers in the PRO Buggy (TORC Sportsman Super Buggy) class have the opportunity to race on Friday, Saturday and Sunday if they wish.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. The PRO Modified Karts will also race on Friday to provide these racers with a two rounds of competition.

Are non-TORC PRO racers required to race on Friday or Saturday to compete in Sunday’s Crandon World Cup?

No. PRO category racers can choose to participate in the World Cup PRO Open test on Thursday, September 1st and enjoy themselves before racing on Sunday.

Note: The restructure format of this year’s Crandon Off-Road World Championship® has taken the traditional Friday PRO-category racing off the schedule in favor of an all-day Crandon World Cup PRO Open Test. This will provide much more track times for all PRO category teams.

So, does that mean all PRO racers wishing to run the Crandon World Cup, AMSOIL Cup and TORC have to register in three places?

Yes, as registration and payout for the Crandon World Cup is being executed by the track itself.   

How is qualifying done for the World Cup?

All Crandon World Cup classes except the PRO Mod Karts will have a qualifying session on Sunday morning to set the field for Sunday afternoon’s World Championship races. Find more information on the structure of the 7th AMSOIL Cup by clicking here:

Weren’t all of the Crandon World Championship titles decided on Saturday in past years?

Yes. This year all of the TORC Sportsman categories will have Crandon World Championship crowns on Saturday, as well as their final TORC season championship point races. The traditional Crandon World Championship ring and extra purse money provided by Crandon for the Sportsman drivers remains as it has in the past. All Crandon Sportsman World Champions as well as TORC series Sportsman champions are welcome to be recognized and introduced on Sunday as part of our special World Cup Sportsman “Parade of Champions” – a special part of the day’s opening ceremonies.

Season point champions for TORC PRO categories will also be decided on Saturday.

Will Crandon be announcing it’s own rules package?

The short answer is no. We have worked with both TORC and Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing tech officials to operate the Crandon World Cup with as much of a level playing field as possible. We will be running the event under TORC rules, but will address all major concerns in individual classes over the coming weeks. Crandon International is doing everything it can to create a level playing field for all PRO-category competitors. 

How will Crandon handle on track calls and violations?

As it has in the past, Crandon International race directors will work with USAC officials to insure as fair a competition as possible. Crandon may also exercise an option to provide a non-denominational Crandon driver representative for the Crandon World Cup and AMSOIL Cup Challenge events.

What exposure will the Crandon World Cup receive?

Aside from TORC’s exceptional online and Fox Sports coverage of Friday and Saturday’s on-track action, Crandon International Raceway has announced a new relationship with the prestigious Red Bull Signature Series for the 2016 Crandon World Cup. While we cannot guarantee exposure for racers, Red Bull Signature Series producers are creating a 90-minute World Cup highlight show that will air on Saturday, October 8 at 2:00pm EST.

Beyond that all of Sunday’s competition will be live streamed directly to a huge audience found on www.redbull.tv. Crandon International is also adding a much larger PR, marketing and social media staff via The Rennsport Group to insure as much coverage as possible alongside outstanding work generated by TORC’s own team.

How can race teams handle on track merchandise?

We have worked out a special program via Tim and Timari Cole, our official track merchandise vendor, to place any guest PRO race teams merchandise at all of Crandon’s four concession stands. All profits will go directly back to the teams without mark-up, thus aiding in travel and racing costs. Please contact them directly at racindirty1@gmail.com.

What is the current situation on pitting/camping for non-TORC race teams?

Crandon International, TORC and its racers are working together to create the most amount of space as possible – both on the asphalt and in our grass pits. For those who haven’t been to Crandon, all of the PRO and Sportsman pits are either on the asphalt (PRO categories) or manicured grass pits. For more information and reservations please contact Crandon International Track Manager Tina Kulaf directly at (715) 478-2222 or via email at trackoffice@crandonoffroad.com.

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