CRANDON, WISC. – In the vast world of racing. there are many events throughout the world that push the limits of both driver and machine, that raise the level of competition far beyond it’s original focus, an event that forces each and every competitor to dig deep, to put it all on the line for that one shot at victory, one shot at greatness, one shot at immortality.

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The AMSOIL Cup Challenge race at Crandon International Speedway is that one race for the best in the world Short-Course Off-Road drivers to lay all the cards down on the deck where there is no grounds for bluffing, you either have what it takes to hold that AMSOIL Cup trophy high above your head in celebration or you walk away the loser, this is the pinnacle of Short-Course events that marks your name in the history books.

And for the fans, well sit back in anticipation for the drop of the green flag, the launch of the 900hp beasts coming off the line of the Land Rush Start that is the defining element of Crandon that no other track in the country claims rights too, as you anxiously hear the rage of thunder coming down towards Turn One while waiting to see the fury, hold onto your seat, because it is about to get real!

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One-by-one the trucks come in nose to tail fighting for the hole shot and the early lead as the rest of the field is only inches behind waiting for the moment to make their attack and claim the lead. In a cyclone of dust and dirt the full line up of trucks pass by the cheering crowd, the game is on, it is the start of the AMSOIL Cup Challenge!

But wait, there is more! At the drop of the first green flag only the PRO2WD trucks are in the battle, the big dogs, the holy grail, the one and only PRO4WD trucks have yet to be unleashed. With only a few seconds between green flags, the next waive of hungry beasts will be set free to take a bite out of the dirt clay track in a brawl to the finish as they chase down the PRO2WD trucks in hopes of passing them before the laps count down to zero and checkers are waived to become the conqueror of the day and the right to hold the AMSOIL Cup Trophy in celebration of victory.

This is the AMSOIL Cup Challenge, this is Crandon International Raceway!

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Since the inaugural race in 2010, the AMSOIL Cup Challenge race has repeatedly brought the crowds to their feet as they watch the story unfold with the two PRO classes going head-to-head for the final event of the year. Both PRO2WD and PRO4WD drivers have claimed victory of the coveted race. Long time off-road legend Scott Douglas claimed the right as the first winner in 2010, while CJ Greaves is the only driver to claim the trophy twice doing so in 2013 and 2015.  Other winners of the AMSOIL Cup race include Chad Hord (2011), Ricky Johnson (2012), Kyle LeDuc (2014), Keegan Kincaid (2016) and Bryce Menzie (2017).

AMSOIL returns again to Crandon in 2018 for the 9th Annual AMSOIL Cup Challenge race and brings with it the biggest purse to date at Crandon International Speedway with over $200,000 in cash and prizes being awarded.  The top prize to the winner will be a check for $49,000 as well as a Custom Henry Rifle, Lincoln Electric Welder and a MasterCraft driver suit.


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There will be a full day of activities and events for the final day on Sunday, September 2nd  of the 49th Crandon World Championship Off-Road Races® leading up to the AMSOIL Cup Challenge race, make sure to get in line early for a chance to get an autograph from your favorite driver with a PRO driver autograph session from 1pm – 2pm.  PRO Qualifying to starts at 9:00am with Opening Ceremonies starting at 11:00am. Bring your lawn chairs and be ready for some wheel-to-wheel high flying action at the Big House!

For more information on Crandon International Off-Road Raceway visit www.crandonoffroad.com.