CRANDON, WI. – SEPT 2nd. The finale of the weekend is here for the 49th Annual Crandon World Championship where the PRO classes lay down the gauntlet in door-to-door battle for the chance to claim the coveted Crandon World Championship Ring. The day will draw to a close as the sun begins to lay down in the west as the PRO 2 and PRO 4 drivers line up on the STEEL-IT Landrush starting line to make one final run on the sacred track for the AMSOIL Cup Challenge race and a total of $201,200 in cash and prizes to be awarded.




The day kicked off in high gear, as the Midwest PRO 2s took on the higher-horsepower West-Coast PRO 2s in a staggered start clash.  Keegan Kincaid and Chad Hord got a great jump on the Midwest field with Andrew Carlson in tow. Bryce Menzies and Brian Deegan spun out early in the race, leaving CJ Greaves (who brought his PRO 2 to race for the first time since 2016) to work through the Midwest field unchallenged. One by one he made his way to the front, finally passing Keegan Kincaid on the last lap of the race. Kincaid didn’t let him get away, but in the end it was CJ Greaves winning the Championship Ring in his return to PRO 2 action.


PRO 4 featured a field so stacked that it was unlikely everyone would make it out of Turn One. RJ Anderson got turned around and Bradley Morris had nowhere to go. He got up on the bike and rolled over, ending his day. Meanwhile, Bryce Menzies powered his way to the holeshot and never looked back, breaking his own track lap record en route to his second consecutive PRO 4 World Championship.  Kyle LeDuc came around second, and CJ Greaves worked his way up to a podium spot.




The Mod Karts put on a show once again – Mason Prater jumped out to a big lead in his #505 Kart and never looked back, taking the win. Mark Steinhardt led most of the Super Buggy race, but late contact with Michael Meister slowed both drivers.  Trey Gibbs impressively marched to the front and held off Meister for the win.

CJ Greaves led wire-to-wire in PRO Stock UTV, this time able to hold off the Polaris RZR of Myles Cheek. Jeremy Houle finished third. The Modified UTV race kept everyone guessing, as multiple drivers led laps before falling back or experiencing mechanical failure. Reigning champions fell out of contention, opening the door for a newcomer to stand on top of the box. In the end, it was Tyler Livingston who captured the win with Tim Farr coming home second.

Crandon fans were treated to a non-traditional race as the Ultra4s took to the long track for an 8-lap race. Shannon Campbell took Turn One too hot trying to make a pass, and ended up using a large tractor tire as a kicker ramp, launching into a tumble in front of the crowd. The #76 of Jason Scherer was out for a Sunday drive, cruising comfortable to the win.

Brock Heger was the man to beat in PRO Lite, jumping out to an early lead and running unchallenged to a World Championship Ring. Thrills and spills ensued behind him, and after a dizzying amount of position changes Kyle Kleiman took home second (moments before his truck severely overheated) and Cory Winner captured third.




The weekend capped off with the 9th Annual AMSOIL Cup race featuring the best drivers from PRO 2 and PRO 4.  Chad Hord got a great start in the Midwest PRO 2s and held off Keegan Kincaid for most of the race. Hotshoe CJ Greaves, racing a West-Coast-style PRO 2, steadily made up ground and when Hord made an error, was there to capitalize while West-Coast heavy hitters Bryce Menzies and Kyle LeDuc both were unable to finish due to unexpected mechanical issues. Johnny Greaves led the PRO 4s and ran a hard race, but ran out of time trying to catch his son for a chance to challenge for the win. CJ came home with his third AMSOIL Cup victory, Johnny finished second and RJ Anderson took third.




After Johnny Greaves horrendous fire on Friday night, his points lead over son CJ had dropped to a single point, creating another winner-take-all bout to the championship. Johnny took the early lead, but CJ passed him in the Argonne loop and led the rest of the way.  Johnny swung the truck as best he could, and pulled right up alongside CJ in Calamity Corner, but CJ had the ideal position and accelerated through the finish line, grabbing the win and scoring his fourth consecutive PRO 4 championship.  Bradley Morris was rewarded for his long travels with a podium finish.



Bryce Menzies – PRO 4
CJ Greaves – PRO 2
Brock Heger – PRO Lite
Trey Gibbs – PRO Buggy
Tyler Livingston – PRO MOD SxS
CJ Greaves – PRO Stock SxS


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