There were many who started, but few who finished. That pretty much sums up the 1971 Brush Run 101. After the first year, many thought they knew the rutted trails and brush turns well, but what they didn’t know was that the boys from the south were coming and they were bringing speed.

Two days of Brush Run racing began on Saturday when the cycles took to the rugged course. A total of 39 bikes started, but after two laps only 20 were still in the race. Transmission trouble and blown tires took their toll on cycles in the first three laps. The average time per lap for the motorcycles was 57 minutes. The big race on Sunday for cars, dune buggies and 4-wheel drives alike had 79 starters, but only 15 would pave their way across the finish line.

Of those who did complete the four 25 1/4-mile laps through some of the roughest country Forest County had to offer, Louis Flohr of Rockford, Illinois and partner Geoffrey Dorr made it in the best time for 4-wheeled vehicles, four hours, five minutes and 30 seconds. Flohr and Dorr piloted their Chevrolet V8 Jeep around the course in record time, nosing out their nearest competitor by more than two minutes. The class in which they competed, IV, was made up of 4-wheel drive vehicles and dune buggies. 

“Drudgery is working your fingers to the bone for money, while a hobby is doing it for nothing”

Carter’s Field Mud Hole