Driving a Yamaha in Class II (cycles 126-250cc) Jerry Blaszek of Green Bay was the winner of the 5th Brush Run 101 in 1974! There were 71 entries in his class, which would become the largest field yet! The grand purse was $532.50. His time was 2:01:51.

Top money winner amongst the four vehicle classes was Bob Fields of Elk Grove, Illinois with co-driver Ed Wuytack. Driving a Panzer and finishing with a time of 2:44:54, the two won $346.50 in the Rear Engine Dune Buggy class, which had 33 entries.

The high-point trophy was won by Bobby Carter of Crandon. This award was based on the greatest accumulation of points over the weekend. Carter won first in American Stock and third in Front Engine Dune Buggy.

The 4×4 and Rear Engine Buggy classes went four laps; the Cycles, Single Seat and Foreign Stock took three laps and the American Stock totaled two laps.

Winners in nine classes of racing shared a total purse of $7,695.00. Five places were paid in each event. In Class X, which was dubbed as the “Grandpa race” and was for cycles with drivers over 40 years of age, a trophy was given, but there was no cash prize.

Winner of Class I, Cycles 0-125cc, was John Young of Barrington, Illinois. There were 34 entries and winners shared a purse of $850. Young’s winning time with a Can-Am was 2:05:42.

Winner of Class II, already mentioned, was Jerry Blaszek of Green Bay. Seventy-one entries made this the largest class and winners shared $1,775.00.

With 30 entries in Class III,  Cycles of 251cc and up, the winner was Gene Ritchie of Buchanan, Michigan piloting a Malco. Ritchie and John Graves would tie with a winning time of 2:00:13, in which the winner, Ritchie, would be determined by the flip of a coin. The winners would share a $650.00 purse.

Bob Carter of Crandon, driving a Chevy won the American Stock Class IV, with a time of 2:04:03. There were 26 entries in the class, with winners sharing a $650.00 purse as well.

Bob Warren of Morton Grove, Illinois and co-drive Ken Pobloska Jr., won first in Class V, Foreign Stock. They drove a VW, and recorded a time of 2:17:31. There were 22 entries in the class with a purse amounting to $550.00.

Ken Perry of Crandon took first place in Class VI, Front Engine Buggy. Ken and his co-driver, Rusty Bowling of Laona, Wisconsin finished in 4:42:00. There were seven entries in the class, which allowed the winners to share a $245.00 purse.

Geoffrey Dorr and Dave Hanson of Rockford, Illinois, driving a Jeep took home first in Class VIII, Four Wheel Drive, with a time of 3:07:08. Winners in this class would share the second largest purse, $1,015.00.

In the Single Occupant Dune Buggy class, Class IX, Bob Leonard of Northbrook Illinois, with a time of 1:54:31 would be named the winner. Totaling a purse of $805.00, the top winners out of 23 entries would take home a share.

An estimated 10,000 to 12,000 spectators watched the weekend races from vantage points at the fairgrounds, at Carter’s field and at many other points along the race course.

Race officials noted there were a number of minor mishaps and injuries during the race, but no serious injures were reported.




Race Results (1974)