Rules and Regulations


You may set up camp in your assigned campsite, only. A 25’x 40’area will be laid out and identified.

A completed camping reservation made and payment in full to the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway is the only means of making a campsite reservation.

No loud music from any source is allowed! Quiet time is midnight to 6am.

No operating any device that makes unnecessary noise.

The Crandon International Off-Road Raceway reserves the right to exercise its discretion in this matter.

Violators will be removed.

The Crandon International Off-Road Raceway permits adult and family camping only.

No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to camp without a parent or guardian present.  You will be required to provide identification before you will be allowed to enter into the camping area.

Absolutely no pets or animals will be allowed into any spectator area.  Pets and animals must be tied, caged or otherwise secured in the camping area and supervised at all times.

 Please place all garbage in the containers we provide for you & keep your area clean!

 Do not dump garbage containers over to retrieve aluminum cans.

 No bonfires allowed.  DO NOT DIG A FIRE PIT.  You may have a cooking fire, only and it must be of a controllable size, contained and no larger in diameter than a burn barrel & extinguished when you leave.

Please do not throw bottles, cans, furniture or other foreign objects into your campfire.  Charcoal residue is to be left in the campfires. Fires are never to be left unattended, EVER!!! No fireworks!!

Absolutely No ATVs, mo-peds, scooters or golf carts allowed in camping or any spectator areas! Any of these brought will be parked outside the camping gate and will not be allowed in. Please leave them at home.

Violators, of any rule or local law will be removed from the facility by security personnel or the police and their wristband will be confiscated.  No second wristband can be purchased.  Once you are ejected, you are out for good.  NO exceptions.

Any violation of the above restrictions may result in your arrest for disorderly conduct, fines and immediate removal from the track facility.