World’s Best Brats


Like so many of us Wisconsinites, the folks that run Crandon International will tell you straight out that this state is much more than Packers and cheese. Don’t even mention those unfortunate plastic cheese heads. Really?

Take the thriving business of the once lowly bratwurst for instance.

A look back in the history books will show that many of this area’s earliest settlers came over directly from “ze old country,” with lots of Germans in that mix. Just like today, for these immigrant settling in America meant cold beer and hot “wurst.”

Is it any wonder why we take our wieners so seriously?

At the beginning of 2014 our expert taste testers set out across Wisconsin to find the state’s best brat to serve at Crandon International Raceway. After an exhaustive and rather filling search, to our surprise the very best brats came from right down the road in Rheinlander.

A combination of 100% quality ingredients, a secret blend of seasonings and a no comprise approach made our choice easy – Trig’s Smokehouse brats.

Voted “The World’s Best Brat” two years in a row, we are proud to serve Trig’s Smokehouse brats to all our hungry guests.

One bite and you’ll understand.